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LinkedIn Secrets Revealed:

Nail Your Investor Search!

Are you a female founder who has clarity on her business growth model and wants to direct her focus to fundraising? Are you eager to find and connect with investors and fuel your business growth?

If so, this challenge is for you!

One of the biggest stresses of fundraising is managing your business and meeting investors.

This challenge is designed to help you manage that stress. How? By teaching you how to find and connect with the RIGHT investors and avoid being in a LOT of meetings with the wrong investors.

Your time is precious so we are here to help you maximise your effort and minimise wasted time when looking for investors!

Hosted by Nicole Denholder, Founder of NCR

With many years of experience of speaking at multiple entrepreneur events, government support startup events and other exclusive events, I’m excited to host this challenge for you and share my knowledge around investor research for FREE

At the end of this FREE Investor Search Challenge, you:

This Challenge features videos and advice via email and access to a community of like-minded founders. 

What does the challenge include?

From 22 to 24 April, we’ll share videos which you can watch at your own convenience.

Video 1

Research and Connect with Investors:
Master the art of researching and identifying the right investors for your business on LinkedIn. Learn how to set funding parameters, leverage existing connections, and use LinkedIn’s powerful search features to find potential investors who align with your goals.

Video 2

Building Solid Investor Relationships:
Discover strategies for engaging with investors, building the right fundraising mindset, understanding the investor mindset before outreach and initiating relationships that lead to successful funding opportunities.

Video 3

Making a Strong First Impression:
Develop the skills to make a memorable first contact with investors on LinkedIn and stand out from the crowd. Learn how to craft compelling messages, personalize your outreach, and build rapport with potential investors to increase your chances of securing funding.

Plus, you’ll be given the opportunity to join an exclusive bonus MasterClass on what pitfalls to avoid and red flags to recognize when talking to investors.

Bonus Materials Included:

I’m Nicole Denholder, founder of NCR. I have empowered hundreds of business owners to transform their entrepreneurial journeys. I help female entrepreneurs like you grow your business through online education. My mission is to empower women to become money smarter and commercially confident!

Don’t miss this opportunity to kickstart your investor search on LinkedIn and take your business to new heights! Join us for our Challenge and unlock the funding you need to fuel your growth.

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This Challenge features three videos, bonus worksheet and access to a community of like-minded founders.