The skincare community uncomplicating skincare.

Vaishnavi Reddy


Arthi Benjaram



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Unsweetened Beauty was selected for the New Chip Accelerator and is looking to raise follow on funding.

Unsweetened Beauty is India’s 1st skincare community that focuses on AI-powered personalisation to simplify skincare. They simplify a user’s skincare journey in an overcrowded market by helping users build skincare routines, find expert-driven products and connect with users who have similar skincare concerns. 

Overcrowded markets and users are completely confused about which products to purchase, often leading to feeling disappointed after the purchase or not making a purchase at all.

Unsweetened Beauty simplifies a customer’s skincare journey right from identifying and understanding their needs, access to expert product recommendations and routines and helping users stick to their routines and build healthy habits.

Current community size is 26,000; helped 8,000+ people build a skincare routine; 50,000+ conversations with users, Sold 5000+ products, featured on Vogue and Femina.