Task Tracker Suite is a powerful vernacular toolkit that aims to digitize business operations and improve their top line.

Neha Chandra


Rishab Chandra



SaaS (web and mobile applications) - Enterprise IT Solutions



Task Tracker is looking for funding.

Task Tracker is a women led and India’s first, powerful vernacular tool kit to help businesses digitize their process in order to improve their top line. 

They aim to democratize technology adoption by making it simple, affordable and accessible.
People today suffer from the number of complex tools available to us for organizing our day-to-day tasks. If you and I are suffering, think about the low e-literacy teams who need a simple and mobile first solution.

Task Tracker is an easy to implement, multi facet collaboration tool whose unique algorithm integrates with centralized instant messaging and voice over platforms. 

Task Tracker has grown 10x in the past 6 months with over 3000 businesses, 9500 users and are a revenue generating enterprise.