The innovative digital immune health platform, improves health outcomes by transforming how we manage vaccination records and recommendations.

Lucy Lord


Emma Holcroft



Health Care / Digital Health


Hong Kong

IMUNIS cecently launched with Central Health, a leading private clinic in Hong Kong, and a proud partner to FWD Insurance, where they power a number of journeys within the new omne App.

Vaccines are a cornerstone of preventative health. Keeping up to date is increasingly complex & costly for patients and healthcare providers, resulting in under/over-vaccination, disease outbreak risk and expense.

The Imunis platform blends an interoperable digital health record with digitisation of official vaccination recommendations, providing patients and healthcare providers with a real-time patient vaccination status across all vaccine-preventable diseases.

Their API allows ecosystem partners to re-deliver the latest vaccine recommendations to their users via their own digital solutions, while Imunis for Schools simplifies infectious disease risk management for education providers. 

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