HR Tech International builds practical products to improve the real world inefficiencies of recruitment.


Human Resource Technology


Hong Kong

HR Tech International closed seed funding in 2020 and is looking to raise follow on funding.

The hiring process is slow and inefficient with poor candidate experience and high human bias. These problems result in over 90% of applications not being fully processed negatively impacting corporate reputation and candidate opportunities.  

HR Tech International’s latest product is called the #hrPOD – it is a B2B recruitment solution; automating, assessing interviewing any candidate, in any language, for any hire within 25 minutes . 

They are Client Ready and  2 #hrPODs are being rented.

They seamlessly  services Banking, Retail & Commercial Industries and have successfully completed a a trial with Asia’s largest recruitment agency.

They have a wait list of next tranche of #hrPOD and have interviewed over 1000 candidates and counting!

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