(small group coaching program - 6 people maximum)

Business & Leadership coaching

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Karen Lum

Leadership Coach

About Karen

The workshop will be conducted by Karen Lum. A legacy building expert, Karen challenges her clients to think about every interaction having a positive, lasting impact. Co-founder of {embrace} worldwide, she has developed a proprietary leadership model based on global leadership ideologies and scientifically proven principles of human behaviour, positive psychology and neuroscience.

Important information

Karen Lum will coach you in leadership and business skills. She will not make any investor introductions, nor be involved in or a representative of your business in any way.

Leading with influence and putting your boldest self forward

Being influential is the cornerstone of a successful leader. How do we influence to  get what we want, to make people think it’s what they need and to inspire people  to do more than what they thought possible? 

At the essence of influence is self-belief and confidence. It’s understanding your  values, your purpose and how to lead with authenticity and courage. It’s  understanding the talents that got you here, and then knowing your gaps to get you  there… 

Group coaching (two hours per session) combined with one-on-one coaching  (45min), our ‘Influence’ masterclass is limited to six people – a coming together of  like-minded people – to learn, to share and to grow. 

Directed by an experienced executive coach, each session will have a theme and  an opportunity for participants to bring forth recent challenges and experiences.  

Session 1: One-to-One session – why this program, why now? 

Session 2: Leadership and the importance of influence in all aspects of life 

Session 3: Self -belief and confidence – if you don’t believe in yourself how do you  expect others to 

Session 4: One-to-one session – what’s working, what do you need more of?

Session 5: Values and Purpose – Your Why and its impact on others 

Session 6: Emotional Intelligence – how to regulate our emotions to get the best out  of yourself and others 

Session 7: Executive Presence and communication – Body language and poise to  ‘speak with conviction’ 

Session 8: ‘Better to understand, rather be understood’ – Understanding self to better  understand others.  

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