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The only guide you need to successfully launch your crowdfunding campaign! 

Crowdfunding is an existing way to raise money and test your business with your customers.  This course consists of videos and an extensive manual on how to set up a successful rewards-based crowdfunding campaign. We are giving you a proven step-by-step efficient and effective approach, including a marketing plan to bring awareness to your campaign and to maximise your chances of success. This course comes with a complete strategy and suggested timeline, worksheets, checklists and templates, and everything else you need to start crowdfunding NOW!

What we will cover in informative videos and a detailed workbook:  

  • Introduction to Crowdfunding
  • How to structure a Crowdfunding campaign
  • Pre-Launch Marketing Activities
  • Campaign Requirements
  • During The Campaign
  • Delivering Your Campaign

This course is packed full of 3 videos, Your Crowdfunding Campaign Manual, Templates, Campaign checklist, Marketing Planner and bonus materials including curated podcasts and articles.

What will you get by the end of this course?

  • Initial Research And Message Crafting
  • Understand what you can crowdfund and why
  • Know the benefits of rewards- crowdfunding
  • A completed campaign plan including key steps to launch a crowdfunding campaign using our 45 page manual. 
  • Understand the success factors of a crowdfunding campaign


This whole course takes about 4 hours, although the actual work to set up and launch your crowdfunding campaign will take as long as it needs. But in these four hours of the course, you will be able to be fully prepared for a successful campaign.


  • 3 videos
  • Your Crowdfunding Campaign Manual
  • Templates
  • Campaign checklist
  • Marketing Planner
  • Curated podcasts and articles

Is this course for you ? 

Yes, if are raising between $10k – 100K 

Yes, if you want to validate your business by getting pre-sales through crowdfunding 

Yes, if you sell products that are Innovative or have an interesting story 

A note about crowdfunding for services vs products: While crowdfunding is more commonly for people who are selling products, there have been successful instances of crowdfunding for service providers. However, if your product is serviced based, you need to be extra creative with rewards.

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