Technology platform that helps you to plan a set of actions that will get executed after you die.

Sheetal Koul


Aditya Kalla



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AFTERLIFE is looking to raise funding.

It is a technology-enabled platform that enables planning an AFTERLIFE while ensuring Legality, Security, Confidentiality, and Assurance.

AFTERLIFE solves 3 major problems:

a) Lack of information, awareness, and access leads to unclaimed money with insurance and other financial institutes.

b) No available technology to pre-schedule events and delivery that would be auto-triggered after the customer’s demise.

c) No existing protocol on blockchain to create a succession plan.

AFTERLIFE addresses these problems with technology, through a flawless trigger mechanism ensuring the execution of secure delivery of information to the nominee. With an efficient, transparent, and reliable audit mechanism, the platform enables the execution of the customer’s afterlife plans.

AFTERLIFE received an overwhelming response across digital and physical interactions.