Pitch Review & Feedback Coaching


Pitch Review & Feedback Coaching

Book a pitch review and feedback session and get honest and constructive advice on your pitch deck.

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You’ve done it, you’ve created a pitch deck and you can’t wait to show it to the world! But wait, are you sure you’ve covered everything an investor is looking for? Often, business owners will focus on what they think are the most attractive elements of their product, but your investor may be looking for something else completely.

To avoid disappointment and rejection, book a pitch review and feedback session and get honest and constructive advice on your pitch deck.

Our highly experienced team have seen 100s of pitch decks throughout the years and we know what works and what doesn’t! We are here to help you “wow” that investor!

While this coaching session can be taken as a standalone element, it perfectly supplements our course “Winning Pitches: Talking the Talk”

What’s included in one coaching session?

  • Introduction call to understand your business
  • Page by page review of your pitch deck
  • Advice on how to make updates
  • Advice on how to create “FOMO”

We recommend 3 sessions to cover: a full pitch deck review  / go back and work / come back and finalise.

Who is this for?

Yes if you are thinking about pitching and presenting

Yes if you want to demonstrate your business opportunity to investors.

Yes if you want to increase your success rate and have investors take note of you and get that follow-up meeting.

Yes, if you have a pitch deck ready or close to it.

Important information

NCR will give you advice on how to best present your business in a pitch deck. NCR will not make any investor introductions, nor be involved in or a representative of your business in any way. You will not be pitching to NCR; NCR does not provide funding.

Make sure to schedule your session within six months from your date of purchase; otherwise, it will expire.

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