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Are YOU READY to impress investors with your pitch and business story?

Then this course will show you how to talk the talk, and develop a winning pitch for investors and business customers.   This course will guide you on how to grab a potential investor’s attention, tell them the right story and how to hook them so you can get the all important follow-up meeting.  Plus our videos and templates will show the importance of different pitches for different scenarios and how to prepare for that.    

We’ll give you an overview of do’s and don’ts in pitching and we will prepare you for the questions you may expect at a pitching event.  Lastly, we will dive in on how to create “FOMO” around your business and make yourself attractive to an investor.   

This course is packed full with 8 instructional videos, workbook & worksheets, templates, cheat sheet and bonus materials including podcasts and articles.

What we will cover in informative videos and supporting materials: 

  • Pitching in different situations
  • Writing a Pitch Teaser
  • Develop a Pitch Deck
  • Do’s & Don’ts in your Pitch Deck
  • Standing out from the crowd
  • Investor Preparation: Prevention vs Promotion questions

What will you get by the end of this course? (Hint: a lot!)

  • Have an attention grabbing Elevator Pitch;
  • Have a one-page Pitch Teaser with key business information
  • Understand what goes in a Pitch Deck                            
  • The start of a comprehensive Pitch Deck
  • Anticipate and improve your answers to promotion vs prevention questions from investors
  • Able to differentiate yourself from other founders when pitching

Learn from the best! 

We have brought together experts in their fields to share their knowledge and give you the opportunity to grow your business faster.

How much time will the course take? 

This whole course takes about 4 hours, although the actual work to complete the various pitches will take as long as it needs. But in these four hours of the course, you will be able to write your Elevator Pitch, understand the concepts of pitch teaser and what should and shouldn’t go in a pitch deck and how to prepare for your investor q&a.

So many great materials including: 

  • 8 videos
  • Workbook & Worksheets
  • Templates
  • Cheat Sheets and Reference Examples
  • Curated podcasts and articles

Is this course for you ? 

  • Yes, if you are thinking about pitching and presenting
  • Yes, if you want to demonstrate your business opportunity to investors
  • Yes,  if you want to increase your success rate and have investors take note of you and get that follow-up meeting

Then this course is a must-do for YOU!