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Are you ready to get your product market fit right and then see the rest of your business growth flow from that? 

This course is all about understanding your business, your market and how to leverage this data to plan a clear vision of your potential business growth and funding needs. Product Market Fit is one of the most important areas to get right early on in your business.  Investors want to see that not only do you understand the problem and solution you are working on, but that you also understand how that solution will specifically work with your target market to build a scalable business.   

This course will help you understand your product market fit and also the potential for your business to become a repeatabl;e and scalable solution.  

This course is pack full of 7 videos, Business Model Canvas Template, Workbook & Worksheets, Research guide and bonus materials of curated podcasts, videos and articles

What we will cover in informative videos and supporting materials: 

  • How to develop your Product/Market Fit
  • Estimating your market size
  • What is the Business Model Canvas
  • Developing a vision for business growth
  • Planning your funding journey

What will you get by the end of this course? (Hint: a lot!)

  • Plan up to 3 years ahead with Business Model Canvas;
  • Understand your Product/Market Fit;
  • Understand and calculate your TAM/SAM/SOM                               
  • A completed Growth Plan;
  • A completed Funding Plan.

Learn from the best! 

We have brought together experts in their fields to share their knowledge and give you the opportunity to grow your business faster.

How much time will the course take? 

This whole course takes about 4 hours, although the actual work to complete your strategic steps and plans will take as long as it needs. But in these two hours of the course, you will be able to get fully set up and start to do your research and plan accordingly

So many great materials including: 

  • 7 videos
  • Business Model Canvas Template
  • Workbook & Worksheets
  • Research guide
  • Curated podcasts, videos and articles

Is this course for you ? 

  • Yes, if you are launching a new product or service,
  • Yes, if you haven’t seen the expected results from your launched product
  • Yes, if you are  seeing a sudden dip of interest in your existing offerings.

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