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In just four hours you can become funding savvy!

This course was developed specifically for you, our female founders, to demystify the funding process so you can grow your business.

We held focus groups, training sessions and did lots of research to understand that “getting funding savvy” was important to you to have increased confidence when exploring funding options and meeting with investors.

This course is designed to help you get an overview of all the different funding options available at different stages of a business, so you can be better informed about making funding decisions. 

The course touches on the following business stages and what funding is best for each stage: 

  • Idea stage
  • Early stage
  • Growth stage

What is included in this course?

This course is packed full with brief introduction videos for each funding stage, in depth guidelines for each stage and the various steps of the process, workbooks to put lesson content into context, handy checklists to break up long tasks and bonus materials including our Common Investment Terms and curated articles.

What will you get by the end of this course?

  • Understand the differences between each funding stage
  • Know the various funding options available at each stage
  • Understand how to prepare for fundraising
  • Are savvy about what to expect. 
  • Are ready to take the next steps and start working on getting ready to raise!


Each topic can take 1 hour or longer depending on the time you spend on the worksheets.

Remember to do this at your own pace to get the best results for you!


  • 3 videos
  • Fundraising Stage Introductions 
  • Funding Options Guidelines
  • Preparation Guidelines
  • Expectation Guidelines
  • Next Steps Guidelines
  • Workbooks
  • Common Investment Terms
  • Curated podcasts and articles

Is this course for you ? 

Yes, if you want to get more knowledgeable about the fundraising process

Yes, if you want to be savvy about the different stages and what each entails 

Yes, if you are looking to fundraise for your business