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Do you know if your business is ready to start fundraising?

Investors meet with a lot of founders who are at different stages, with different business models and varied growth opportunities. However, what’s critical to all investors is the need for founders to have their business fundamentals in place before they meet. After all, you’re asking them for their money so you need to know your business inside out.

To make it easier to understand the investor mindset, we go through what investors expect to see you having in place around Business Fundamentals such as solution, business model, break even point analysis and competition. Plus Funding Fundamentals such as traction, growth strategy, financials and your money mindset.

This course will help you assess where your business is in terms of fundamentals, potential to raise and what you need to have in place to start the actual fundraising.

This course is short but mighty and will be the foundation of your investment and funding journey.