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Accelerate Your Gender Empowerment Programmes

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Why Next Chapter Raise?

I have extensive experience tailoring multi-faceted, highly engaging programmes for women leaders in startups and corporations. With these programmes you can interact effectively and constructively with your target audience of entrepreneurial women, helping them become money smart, commercially confident and ready to fundraise.

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We Are Partnering With Some of The Worlds' Best

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Recent Projects

ROAR Programme funding master classes

Next Chapter Raise has worked with HSBC and Allbright for two years on their ROAR programme. This programme is all about supporting women looking to scale their businesses.

We have provided pitch training classes and funding masterclasses to talk about funding and what the available options are for female founders.

Gender diversity awareness workshop

We worked with the Open Space Ventures gender initiatives team to host a workshop to raise awareness around some of the real systemic biases that may make diversity difficult and what we can do to adjust away from them.

“The session is extremely helpful in getting the team to be better aware of the unconscious gender bias and starting the discussion of how to ensure our due diligence process supports gender diversity.”

What is NCR for Business?

Our enterprise programmes empower the women employees and stakeholders in your network and nurture their entrepreneurial potential. Raise the bar for their growth with tailored, in-person, or virtual programming that can scale globally and elevate your gender equity programmes to the next level.

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NCR Business Accelerator

The inside track on what successful entrepreneurs focus on for business growth

Ignite your entrepreneurial journey with a comprehensive program covering the essential tools for business success. The progam covers what successful entrepreneurs focus on in driving their business growth enabling you to cultivate commercial confidence and propel the growth of your business.

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The Funding Formula

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Successfully Raise Equity Investment

How to confidently pitch your business to potential investors and secure funding without feeling overwhelmed by the fundraising process.

The Funding Formula is perfect for women business owners who want to raise their first round of equity investment.

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