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According to The World Bank, globally, 1 in 3 small, medium, and large businesses are owned by women, yet only 2% of business financing goes towards enterprises led by them. Next Chapter Raise is democratizing access to business capital through DIY funding education programmes and investor galleries that connect ambitious women entrepreneurs with the best money for their business.

No matter what stage of business you're in, we've got courses to help you accelerate your funding expertise and get closer to the capital you need to grow.

I’m so thrilled to be announcing our inaugural FREE 3-DAY Business Fitness Challenge … and you’re invited! 


Get Ready

Get the right mindset and decide if you are ready to raise

Rules of the Game

Get on top of the types of funding options available

Walking the Walk

Get you and your business prepared to talk to investors

Know Your Numbers

Build your financial story, investment story and measure your impact

Boss the Raise

Find your investors and get deal ready to negotiate

Post-Deal Success

Develop your business and skills after fundraising

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Post-Deal Success

Focused on Outcomes

Signature Courses

Raising money may look hard but it doesn't have to be. Kick off your funding journey with one of our signature courses designed to help remove the fear from fundraising.

Build your own accelerator

Finally an accelerator that respects your time! When it comes to funding, knowledge is power. Take control of your business and choose the courses that are right for you to raise your knowledge, learn on-demand and access the best money faster.

Accelerate Your Business Your Way

What makes our courses different? We get that you might not need everything that a traditional accelerator provides. Especially all at once. So we deliver the core accelerator elements that allows you to accelerate your business YOUR WAY, in YOUR OWN TIME.

1. Take the Quiz

Assess if you're funding ready and if your business fundamentals are in place for growth

2. Start with Get Funding Savvy

Take our essential course to get you up to speed with the funding world. Learn the basics of business financials, investor expectations, pitch readiness and more. Want specific insights? Pick from one of our many specialized courses to address your growth needs.

3. Get 1:1 Consulting

Access coaching with our funding and business experts, as and when you need it, to drill down into specific growth needs. Be it pitch readiness, cashflow management, legal insight, taxation or marketing, we have consultants to help you move forward every single time.

4. Network & Be Seen

Join our monthly investor Pitch Events and be featured on our Founder Showcase to find investors and collaborators who will raise your business to the next level.

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No matter what stage your business is in, we’ve got your back. Women like YOU are raising funds for their business everyday. Take the first step and get all the help you need with our bespoke coaching offerings.

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